This region forms a part of the Muziris heritage tourism circuit between North Paravur and Kodungallur in Kerala. Muziris is an ancient port town in little Kerala still holds a kind of beauty that is filled with history and culture. And through the Muziris heritage project, we get ready to travel back in time for centuries. What this old port town dishes out to us along with history and culture are the remnants of its past glory, still observable in features like place- names, architecture, diet etc.

When history and tradition, which slept in the bosom of the earth for two thousand years like a treasure are finally unearthed, the natives of the place themselves become the beneficiaries. The market places bounded by backwaters and canals start moving backwards towards the architectural beauties of the past.Muziris welcomes you to the cape of trade culture, left behind by its ancestors from around the world, to the waves of Azhikode where Christianity first entered India, to the Cheraman mosque, which gave out the first Muslim call for prayers, to the Bharani festival at the Kodungallur Bhagavathy temple, to the original culture of the Jewish synagogue, to the village where handlooms spin thinks of heritage, to the Paliam palace and to the old water ways that led one to Muziris.

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